Three Horse Company is an eclectic mix of rock with some hints of prog, blues, and psychedelic jamming's. It was in the summer of 2018 when singer/guitarist Riley Wallace united with drummer Willem Butler in the garage of Butler's house, they would kick out the jams, having fun; unbeknownst to them that they were crafting a sound long missed in this new generation. In the early days it was just the two pals Wallace and Butler rocking out, until Butler invited a friend from his high-school Jazz band to come and play in the sweltering garage that they called home... bassist Tate Friedline brought a thunderous bottom end to a once bottomless duo and they henceforth became the trio known as Old Soul... Oh oops Ok never mind Old Soul was taken by an old man in New York, let's try this again... they henceforth became the trio known as Three Horse Company. After many hours cutting their teeth in the garage it was time to go out and play. They got their start packing small clubs with hopes that one day they could fill the legendary theaters and halls of the world. With a nice accumulation of original music Three Horse Company made their first full length LP with engineer/producer Scott Campbell, now they stand eager to share their songs with the world.